The Leader’s New Year’s Resolutions Cheat Sheet

7 Leadership Areas on Which to Improve in 2016

If you are like me, you are constantly thinking through how to improve your leadership. You understand that leaders are stewards of people, and that God has given us a brief moment to steward our teams well. Maybe 2015 was a good year for your leadership, or maybe you struggled. However 2015 went, we can always improve in 2016.

If you are unsure on what areas to improve in 2016, let me suggest seven of them. Feel free to pick one or all on which to focus in the upcoming year.

  1. Create clarity. If you do not clearly articulate where you are going, why you are going, and how you are going to get there, don’t be surprised when you find your team doing the wrong thing, going in the wrong direction.
  1. Develop trust. Develop trust between you and your team. Develop trust among team members. Trust is the foundation on which successful teams operate. Trust allows the best conversations to take place, resulting in the best ideas.
  1. Be there for your team. It’s tough to lead a team from a distance. Make sure they know that they are a priority. When they face challenges, make sure you are there to help.
  1. Set goals. A strategy answers the question, “How are we going get there?” You cannot expect your team to successfully implement a strategy when they are unsure as to where they are supposed to go. Goals define destination.
  1. Take a risk. Try something new in 2016. It will bring life to your team.
  1. Maintain accountability. Many leaders hate this, but it is a necessary part of leadership. Accountability communicates importance. If you really believe your goals are worth reaching, accountability is a necessity.
  1. Say “thank you.” The great leaders quickly realize that they are nothing without their team. Do not hesitate to show your appreciation to your team. Be predictably grateful this year.

Have a great new year, and may 2016 be the year you excel in stewarding your team well!

The Value of Goals

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