The Top 10 Posts of 2015

Looking at #6 through #10

What a great year! For all of you who subscribe or regularly read the posts on this site, thank you. It is truly humbling. For this post and the next, we will be reviewing the top ten posts of the year. Today, let’s look at #6 though #10.

  1. Should I Tithe When I Have Debt (or Other Financial Pressures)? The pressures of financial insecurity and debt can be very big. Does that mean you should not tithe? Here are five things to consider before abandoning your giving.
  1. Six Ways to Build Your Confidence as a Leader. For those who consider themselves underconfident, the question that arises is, “How do I move from underconfident to confident?” Check out these six ways to build your confidence as a leader.
  1. 9 Financial Decisions Millennials Need to Make Right Now. Millennials have some very important decisions to make that will dramatically alter their financial future. They are figuring out how to best use their money. If they make the decision to be financially disciplined now, they can experience financial freedom later.
  1. To Keep or Not to Keep the Minister’s Salary Public? Should a minister’s salary be public? The opinions on this subject are divided, but is there a right or wrong way to present the financial statements of the church? Check out this top ten post of 2015 to find out.
  1. 3 Questions Every Organization Must Answer. There are three questions every organization must answer. They help define the identity, vision and mission of the organization while remaining simple and clear. And we all know that simplicity and clarity always defeat complexity and uncertainty.

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