‘Tis the Season for Setting Your 2016 Financial Goals

3 Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Talk Money

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The holiday season is upon us. The weather is getting a little cooler. The leaves are falling off trees. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available. And Christmas decorations, ready for purchase, already fill the stores.

But before you dive into this time of year, another important moment has already arrived—financial goal-setting season. Now is a great time to consider what you should accomplish with your money in the next calendar year. Let me give you 3 quick reasons why now is the perfect time to talk about money.

  1. It’s busy, but not too busy yet. It is about to get really busy for you. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Multiple Christmas parties are looming in December. You have family coming in to see you and you are going to go see family. This is a fun, but crazy time of year for most of us. But the craziness hasn’t started yet. If you let this month pass by without determining your 2016 financial goals, you run a great chance of starting the new year without direction for your money and making counterproductive money decisions.
  1. It will help you rethink that extra holiday purchase. The holidays are a time when many choose to spend first and consider the consequences later. It is amazing how a sale seems to turn wants into needs. Considering your future financial goals will help reduce the temptation to purchase that new TV on sale, even though you bought one last year. There is something about setting future financial goals that makes you pause and consider the consequence of a purchase prior to swiping the credit card.
  1. It allows you to start January 1, not February 1. If you wait until the new year to consider your 2016 goals, you will lose precious days, maybe even months, to chase your goals. Instead of 12 months, you may find yourself with only 11. Give yourself 365 days to achieve your goals by setting your 2016 financial goals now.

God has entrusted you to steward whatever money you have. Don’t miss this window of time to set your 2016 goals before life gets crazy.

What about you? Have you started considering your 2016 goals? Please place your comments in the section below.

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