To Find Better Employees, Ask Better Questions

5 Interview Questions to Add to Your Arsenal

Finding the right group of employees is critical for organizational success. For those of us who have hired employees, we know a resume tends to be a poor indicator of future success. People are much more complex than a one or two sheets of paper. So we are constantly trying to determine how to uncover whether or not they will do well in the new role. And our primary method to do this is asking questions.

Asking good questions is key to uncovering good employees. We have to move beyond the template “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses” questions to more revealing questions. Here are five interview questions to add to current interview arsenal:

  1. What attracts you to this organization? You are trying to identify value-fit. Listen for values. Do the values expressed in their answers align with the values of the organization? Core values are key for any organization, and the employee’s value-fit will either hinder or excel their performance. If the value-fit is poor, both you and the employee will be miserable.
  1. Who has been your favorite coworker? Why? You are trying to determine culture-fit. If they identify a high-energy, no-nonsense coworker, they are telling you about the type of culture in which they enjoy and thrive. If your organization’s culture is slow-moving and light-hearted, they may not be the employee for you.
  1. Would you describe yourself as more structural or entrepreneurial? You are trying to identify job-fit. If you need someone to create new systems, and they identify themselves as entrepreneurial, they may be a good fit. Of course, this is assuming the value-fit and culture-fit are positive.
  1. What books have you recently read? You are trying to identify whether or not they are a constant learner. More than likely, this job will look different three years from now. You need to know if they are going to be willing to learn as the job morphs. Also, you want to know whether or not they are going to be one who brings new ideas to the table.
  1. What do you need from me to make you the best employee I have ever had? You are trying to identify the leader-follower fit. What do they expect for you? How involved do they want you in their job and in their development? Knowing your leadership style, determine whether or not they will enjoy working for and with you. And whether or not you would enjoy having them on your team.

Finding the right employee can be a daunting task. Stay patient and ask good questions. Discovering the right hire is always worth the effort.

What about you? What are some interview questions you recommend? Please place your comments in the section below.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring An Employee

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