Top 10 Posts of 2015 (Part 2)

Reviewing #1 through #5

Why is being an underconfident leader dangerous? What mistakes do young leaders sometimes make? Does a married couple really need joint accounts? How can you identify silos in your organization? And what should we do if the government takes away our church’s tax exemption status? This year’s top five most viewed posts help answer these questions.

Once again, thank you subscribers and frequent readers for a great 2015. It is an honor to know you took time out of your schedule to read the material on this website. Now, enjoy the top five posts of 2015.

  1. What Churchgoers Should Do if Churches Lose Tax Exemption Status. One of the biggest Supreme Court decisions in history sparked one of the biggest discussions of the year among church leaders. What should churchgoers do if their church loses tax exemption status? Take a look at these six practical steps in the number one post this year.
  1. 6 Signs That Silos Exist in Your Organization. Silos are detrimental to your organization’s success. Thankfully, there are some warning signs to tell whether or not silos exist in your organization. Take a look at this top five post from early in the year.
  1. Why Married Couples Should Have Joint Bank Accounts. Before you get married, your money is “yours”. But after you get married, your money is “ours”. That is why married couples should have joint bank accounts. Doing so helps show your spouse that you are all-in with finances in your marriage.
  1. 4 Mistakes Young Leaders Make. Young leaders have much to learn, just as each of the previous generations before them. Impatience is one of the mistakes a young leader might make. Take a look at the three others in this 2015 post.
  1. 6 Dangers of an Underconfident Leader. There are dangers with overconfidence. And there are dangers with under confidence. Most likely you can associate yourself with one of these groups. Learn these dangers and keep watch for their negative impacts.

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