What to Do Next When You Don’t Know What to Do Next

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Most of us will hit a wall in our leadership. You took the leadership role to guide a ministry to a new, exciting destination. And, suddenly, you are there. You have reached the goals you wanted to reach. You transformed the ministry into the ministry you thought it should be. Your leadership seems to be a success. But you are haunted by a lingering question:

Now what?

You are out of ideas. You are out of direction. Where do you go from here?

Some interpret this wall as a signal their time with the role has ended. They have done all they can do. Now it is time to move on to the next challenge.

For some, this may be true. It is time to leave. However, for many, all that is needed is a fresh perspective and an infusion of inspiration. Every ministry, at every phase, offers challenge. It just needs to be revealed to you.

Here are some ways to help you uncover the hidden challenge and take your ministry to the next level:

1. Talk to your peers.

Find out what challenges they have faced or are facing. Ask them where they plan to take their ministry. What is their vision? What are their goals? You may find you were about to stop short of accomplishing something even more significant.

2. Talk to your mentor

And I hope you have one. If not, here is a great blog post on why everyone needs a mentor and how to find one. See if your mentor has the same read on the situation as you. Do they think it is time to make a move or that you are just getting started?

3. Spend time with another organization.

Observe how another ministry operates. Do you see something that your ministry should implement? Your observations may make you realize you have much more left to accomplish than you realized.

4. Go to a conference.

You get a lot of big dreamers at conferences. You also get to hear some of the best practices for your type of ministry. Both may inspire you to keep going with your ministry.

5. Take a class.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we don’t know. Taking a class may get you caught up on cutting edge concepts for your ministry. There are plenty of opportunities for continuing education. There has been a recent trend in educational institutions offering free online courses. Start researching what classes are available online for free. Free is good.

6. Read a book, or two.

Similar to taking a class, books may open your eyes to a new vision for your ministry you had not considered.

7. Pray.

Before leaving your ministry, spend time in prayer. Ask God to give you a fresh, new vision for your ministry. Ask Him to awake within you an enthusiasm that seems to have died. Before you make your final decision, pray.

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