When are Ministry Leaders Likely to Lose Focus?

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There are endless opportunities for ministry leaders to lose focus on their ministry’s mission. And when the ministry leader loses focus, the ministry will lose focus. Below are some moments where a ministry leader can easily lose focus. This is not to say that a ministry leader should downplay or ignore these moments, but merely be cognizant of their effect. Such awareness can help sustain a ministry’s focus even during difficult times.

Here are 7 moments when ministry leaders are likely to lose focus of their ministry’s mission:

1. When the ministry experiences growth

Ministry growth is exciting and encouraging. But growth prompts change. Structural and personnel changes are needed to keep up with the growth. It is easy for ministry leaders to become so consumed with these changes that they take their eyes off the ministry’s mission.

2. During key staff transitions

The exiting of key staff creates a relational, talent, and leadership vacuum that is not easily filled. Ministry leaders exert much of their energy trying to fill these vacuums while seeking out a new hire. Neither task is easy, and both can cause the ministry leader to lose their focus.

3. During tight financial times

When finances are tight, it is easy for the ministry leader to concern themselves with money rather than mission.

4. When presented with new opportunities

As any ministry leader knows, there is an endless array of ministry opportunities. And the vast majority of them are good and needed. Often, it is a challenge for ministry leaders to stay focused on their current mission when they are presented with new opportunities. An inability to say “no” will lead to a blurred mission and the exertion of sideways energy.

An inability to say “no” will lead to a blurred mission and the exertion of sideways energy.

5. When the excitement of the new turns into hard work

Launching is easy. It is in the sustaining that a ministry leader will find his challenge. The reality of hard work makes distractions significantly more attractive.

6. During times of personal challenges

Financial struggles, marital tensions, and parental concerns are just a few of the personal challenges that will cause, and rightfully so, distraction for the ministry leader.

7. When other ministries experience growth

If their own ministry’s growth is not equivalent to another ministry, leaders may find themselves less passionate about their own mission. They can become down and may even question themselves as a leader. It is an unfortunate and often unwarranted scenario.

What are some other moments that caused you, or someone you know, to lose focus on a ministry’s mission?

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