Where Do I Give When Searching for a New Church Home?

We live in a very transient society. People are arriving and leaving cities and towns at a rapid pace.

Some of you are probably in a time of transition right now. Right now, you are either packing up or unpacking your boxes.

Included among all the changes and stresses that moving brings is the absence of a church home. You want one and are looking for one, but you just haven’t found one yet.

You were a regular giver to your former church. And now you find yourself wondering what you should do about giving.

It is a question that many people face. Let me provide some suggestions that may help you determine where you give when you are in between churches:

  1. Give to your former church. If you already have automatic giving set up, this may be the easiest. There are no changes needed. You know your former church’s ministry, the impact it had on you and others. So you can give with confidence, knowing that impact will continue.
  1. Give to the church’s you visit. Take a portion of what you usually give, and divide it among the churches you visit. When you start attending a church on a regular basis, move your giving to that specific church.
  1. Save your giving until you find a church home. Place the money you typically give into your savings account. Be sure to keep good track of it. When you find a church home, give all of the money you set aside to it.
  1. Give more to other nonprofits you support. You probably support other charitable organizations outside of your church. Direct the money you typical give to the church to these organizations. This is a temporary move. As soon as you find a home church, make it your giving priority.

There is one option that I did not suggest—stop giving. God designed us, not to be hoarders, but conduits through which His generosity flows. The Bible tells us we are to be generous. And there is not an exclusion clause for those who are transitioning to a new church.

Keep your giving pattern going. Live generously, even during major life transitions.

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2 thoughts on “Where Do I Give When Searching for a New Church Home?

  1. We’ve moved MANY times, changing church families all over the country. I think this article mentions about all the practical options. But one obvious answer….not suggestion wasn’t included. Ask God! He may not have a druther for you. But He very well may strongly impress upon you a certain direction. And don’t be surprised if He brings something to you that you would never have considered….or even thought! Perhaps you know, or learn, someone that’s trying to raise money for a missions trip. Or you suddenly become aware of a family or situation in sudden need. God often puts us in the right place at just the right time.