Why I Don’t Buy Christmas Gifts for My Wife

I know, cue the Grinch music.

You’re a mean one…

But I am not alone in this. Sarah, my wife, doesn’t buy me Christmas gifts either. In fact, it has been years since either one of us received a Christmas gift that was from the other.

And we are completely okay with that.

We are not opposed to gift giving. We buy Christmas gifts for our kids, family members, and a few friends. We just don’t buy each other gifts.

Why? Here are a few of our reasons:

  1. We feel like we have enough. Both of us are pretty content. That does not mean there is a complete absence of wants, but we actually talk way more about what we need to get rid of than what we need to get.
  1. We like to focus our gift-giving on others. We get more happiness watching others be happy than unwrapping presents from one another. Our joy during the Christmas season is not based on what we received but the time spent with others and gifts given to others.
  1. We’re fairly practical. When we receive an impractical gift, we immediately start wondering how long we have to keep it before we can get rid of it.
  1. We do take our kids to pick out gift for the other. This is really fun with young kids. I will take my kids to the store and allow them to pick out gifts for their mom with little guidance from me. Sarah does the same. The result? When they did this for my birthday, I ended up with three bars of soap and a coffee mug. It was perfect.
  1. We enjoy hitting (or even exceeding) our financial goals. Gift-giving is an expense. What would I rather my wife do with the money she would use for my gift? Paying down the mortgage or the kids’ 529 Plan are both great options.
  1. It is something that we have both agreed to do (or not do). This is important. Please do not try this unless you both agree it is something you want to do. Sarah and I are completely on board with the decision we’ve made. We don’t even have to ask one another if they are planning on getting a Christmas gift this year. I’m not. She’s not. Well, I hope she’s not.

Is there anything wrong with getting your spouse a gift? Of course not. This is not a “why should you” post but a “why do they” post. There is nothing wrong with giving and getting gifts, as long as you are financially able to do so. If your spouse’s love language is receiving gifts, get them a Christmas gift.

So whether you choose to give several gifts to your spouse or none at all (like us Grinches), I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Now what about you? How do you and your spouse handle Christmas gifts? Place your comments in the section below.

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