Why I Love My To-Do List

Yes, I agree. It sounds a little weird to say that I love my to-do list.

On my phone, I carry with me a list of tasks, both small and large, that I need to get done. It is a list that I am consistently updating and rearranging.

I haven’t always had a list like this. But over the past few years, I have uncovered the significant value that comes from keeping an ongoing to-do list.

And you will probably hit a point in your life and career where such a list becomes a great tool for bringing clarity in the midst of work and life complexity as well.

For my to-do list, I use the Clear app. I like it because of its simplicity. Other apps, like Reminders, also seem to do the trick.

The reason why I appreciate having a personal to-do list is because of the following reasons (you may be able to relate to a few):

  1. Life and work tend to get more complex. You may have noticed this. Unless you are an empty nester looking at retirement, life and work tends to increase with complexity. And it can be easy to get overwhelmed and scattered. A to-do list can help bring some focus. It can be a guide to help you make sense of the mess.
  1. I need reminders. I won’t remember everything that need to get done at work and at home on my own. Eventually, something will slip through the cracks. A to-do list provides consistent reminders about what need to happen now and later.
  1. I need to see priorities. It is easy to find yourself working on something that is of little importance compared to other tasks. When you place items on your to-do list, place them in order of priority. This will help serve as a reminder of that which you identify is most important.
  1. I need to focus on completing tasks, not just starting on them. It’s also easy to jump from task to task without completing any of them. There is something about a to-do list that encourages task-completion. It never feels good when, after working all day, you have the same items on your to-do list you had that morning. It always feels better to cross, at least, one item off the list.
  1. I need a place to immediately take note of a task that needs completing. When you run across a task that need completing, where you do take note of it? I have found the to-do list to be best place. First, it’s where the task will probably end up anyway. Second, I can immediately prioritize it against my other tasks.

If you have not tested the to-do list waters, I encourage you do to so. Find an app on your phone that is easy to use. There are some good options out there. I believe you will find it to be useful tool that helps bring a sense of clarity and increase in productivity.

Who knows? Maybe one day you will find yourself loving your to-do list as well.

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