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I hope everyone has had a good week. Here are some articles that are worth reading today:

1. The Key to Change Is Middle Management – by Behnam Tabriz

It is not a enough to have a vision. You have to specify the steps to achieve the vision and lead your team to do so. Middle management is essential in achieving change.

2. 3 Principles Leaders Must Follow To Build Employee Engagement – by Jeff Boss 

To create employee engagement, a leader must be consistent, communicate effectively, and combat rumors and incorrect information.

 3. Unlock Employee Innovation That Fits with Your Strategy – by Bill Fischer

Creating innovation platforms for employees allows for the freedom to pursue new ideas within your overall strategy. Platforms keep management informed and prevent innovations that deviate from your overall strategy.

4. Empathy: The Basic Quality Many Leaders Keep Getting Wrong – by Justin Bariso

While related, empathy and sympathy have distinct characteristics. Developing empathy is essential for any leader.

 5. There’s No Excuse for Avoiding Strategy – by Frank V. Cespedes

Strategy is more than adaptability and is necessary for growth. If you do not specify your strategy in a competitive market, you run the risk of losing customers to competitors.

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