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Art Rainer

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I know why you're here.

You were meant for more. Your money was meant for more. You and your money are meant for an exciting, adventurous, and satisfying purpose. You were designed to live and give generously. And deep inside you know this and want this.

But there is a problem.

Credit card debt, paycheck-to-paycheck living, minimal savings, huge house payments, car leases, and no hope in sight.

Sound familiar?


I am on a mission to help men and women discover God's design for them and their money. I've written several books and numerous articles that discuss debt elimination, savings, retirement, building wealth, and income because I want to see you financially healthy. But not just for the sake of financial health.

Financial health is just a means to a greater end. I want to see you in a place where you are living and giving generously, advancing God's Kingdom, without the hindrance of debt or any other financial barrier. 

And if that interests you, let's go.

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