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Financial Counseling

Are you feeling burdened, overwhelmed, frustrated, or confused? 

Sometimes, you just need some one-on-one guidance. Art Rainer and his team of Christian Financial Counselors provide individuals and couples with biblically-based, practical steps and advice to either get you started on your financial journey or help you get out whatever financial rut you find yourself in. 

A Christian Financial Counselors help individuals and couples discover and pursue God’s design for money. Christian Financial Counselors have an in-depth knowledge of finances and can provide personalized financial guidance, tools, and teaching to aid clients on their financial health journey. But a Christian Financial Counselor doesn’t stop there. They consider the client’s heart and relationship with God. The Christian Financial Counselor’s goal is not just to see their client get financially healthy, but to see their client grow closer to Jesus. 


 Areas of Christian Financial Counseling can include:


  • Setting and obtaining financial goals

  • Getting out of debt

  • Creating and maintaining a budget

  • Increasing generosity

  • Getting out of debt

  • Building an emergency fund

  • Saving for larger purchases

  • Sinking funds

  • Understanding net worth

  • Improving credit score

  • Managing cash flow

  • Managing financial risks

  • Discussing what the Bibles says about stewardship and other topics related to money.

  • Maintaining an eternal perspective on money  

Get ready to feel to feel like you are in control of your money. Get ready to take the next step on your path to living and giving generously. 

Private, financial counseling sessions (1 hour) are $125, or you can purchase three sessions for $325. Fill out the form below to get started. 

Be a part of the generation that gets financially healthy for the sake of advancing God's Kingdom.

Fill out the information below and someone will contact you!

Let's go!
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