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10 Things You Should NOT Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is a big day for retailers and shoppers alike. For retailers, this is a day when an abundance of purchases traditionally moves retailers from the red (not profitable) to the black (profitable). For shoppers, this is a time to take advantage of special deals for Christmas gifts, mostly for others, but also a few gifts for themselves.

Now, I’m going to assume you have set your Christmas budget, ensuring Christmas expenses do not lead to Christmas debt. If so, well done. As you shop this Friday, be careful what you purchase. Especially those items you desire for yourself, don’t let marketing convince you this is the best time to purchase certain items.

In fact, here are ten items you should probably not buy on Black Friday:

1. Automobiles.

If you are in the market for an automobile, it is probably best to wait a few more weeks. December lends itself to better prices as dealers look to close out the end of the year.

2. Furniture.

Black Friday typically does not provide the best deals of the year for furniture. Those happen around Memorial Day and Presidents’ Day.

3. Holiday decorations.

You probably already know when to find the best deals on holiday decorations—after the holidays. So, hold off on purchasing decorations for another month or so.

4. Off-brand tech.

You will find several off-brand tech deals on Black Friday. Sometimes, the items are of good quality. Other times, they are not. By this time next year, you are already looking to replace the item. It is probably best to avoid the gamble.

5. Gimmick tech.

There are always random tech items for sale on Black Friday. Don’t waste money on them.

6. Winter clothes.

The discounts on winter clothes are usually insignificant compared to post-winter sales. Wait until January and February to get the best deals on winter clothes.

7. Appliances.

Like furniture, there are usually better deals found throughout the year, often on New Year’s Day and Presidents Day.

8. Mattresses.

The best time to purchase a new mattress is typically March through May. This is when several brands roll out new designs, and you can take advantage of dealers trying to unload inventory.

9. Jewelry.

The best time to purchase jewelry tends to be the summer months.

10. Power tools.

It might not surprise you that the best deals on power tools are typically found around Father’s Day.

Wisely take advantage of Black Friday to accomplish you shopping goals. As always, set a budget and determine beforehand what you will purchase. Don’t let Christmas shopping turn into Christmas debt.


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