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6 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter for Your Job Application

Yes, knowing how to write an excellent cover letter is still a valuable skill.

Even though many organizations have moved their applications online, they frequently give you the opportunity to provide a cover letter. Take full advantage of those opportunities. A cover letter gives you one more shot at getting your application noticed.

How can you craft the perfect cover letter for your job application? Here are a few tips:

1. Use a traditional business letter format. Your address and their address should appear before your greeting. One slight twist on the traditional format that I like it to place your name and address at the top center of the letter. Use professional font. I like New Times Roman or Calibri.

2. Make it custom-tailored. Do not use a template cover letter. Customize each letter according to the position and organization. Your letter should reflect an understanding of both. I recommend starting each letter from scratch. If you can, address the to the person responsible for the hiring.

3. Be personal but professional. Your cover letter is not the place for LOL. At the same time, it does not need to feel robotic.

4. Highlight your achievements and skills. Your cover letter should provide supplementary material not included in your resume. Demonstrate why you should be under consideration for the position. The skills and achievements you choose to highlight should connect well to the position for which you are applying.

5. Keep it to three paragraphs. Cover letters are not supposed to be essays. Keep the letter to three paragraphs on one page. The amount of text on the page should not be overwhelming, but inviting. Provide ample white space on the page.

6. Make sure there are no grammatical errors. Grammatical errors in your cover letter will communicate something about you to them, even if that perception is not accurate. Grammatical errors can communicate carelessness, laziness, or a lack of attention to detail. None of these perceptions will help you secure a job. I always recommend having someone else proof your cover letter.

A great cover letter can boost your chances of getting a job. They are nice additions to resumes. When writing your cover letter, consider the above six tips.

And happy job-hunting.


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