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Selling Your Home During the Pandemic? It’s Not a Crazy Idea.

Are you considering whether or not you should sell your home right now? With a reduced ability and desire to have open houses and in-person tours, selling your home is a crazy idea, right?

Not really.

And here’s why—supply.

Of course, everything could change next week, but as of right now, there are not many homes on the market. Supply is low, giving buyers fewer options. Those who are selling their homes are seeing this play to their advantage. Home prices have remained stable at worst, even during the pandemic.

So, if you choose to sell your home now, you are not crazy. But, selling a home during the pandemic is different from what you’ve probably experienced in the past. To help you navigate these weird times, let me provide you with a few suggestions.

1. The way your home looks in pictures and videos matter more than ever before. Your home will be viewed first on screens by every prospective buyer. Buyers are limiting their visits, and the way your home looks in pictures will be a filter for many considering in-person visits. Make sure your home looks its best for the camera. Paint the walls. Clean the carpets. Landscape the yard. Create an image of your home that compels prospective buyers to want an in-person visit.

2. Go ahead and get an inspection. Inspections often occur later in the home purchasing process. Be proactive, repair any items on the inspector’s list, and let prospective buyers know about it. Eliminating the potential of an unwanted surprise will appeal to buyers.

3. Do expect people to visit your home. While some buyers will purchase a home based on virtual tours alone, many won’t. So, if you put your house on the your market, anticipate having occasional buyers in your home. If you are not comfortable with this, you may want to postpone selling your house.

4. Do not price your home too high. Appropriate pricing is essential during the pandemic. In order to find homes, buyers are going to use some type of online system that filters out homes that do not meet the buyers’ criteria. If you price your home too high, buyers who should be considering your home will not, and buyers whose price range is higher will find your home disappointing compared to other similarly-priced homes. Work with your realtor to find a price point that makes sense.

Considering selling your home? It is not a crazy idea. The process and strategy of selling a home may look a little different during the pandemic, but, as of right now, home values are strong. So, go for it. Happy selling!


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