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10 Small Ways to be Generous This Summer

Impactful generosity doesn’t require a million-dollar donation. God can and will take smaller acts of generosity to bring himself glory. The widow who gave two coins and the boy who gave a few fish and loaves of bread are illustrations of this.

As you make plans for the warmer months, consider how you can reflect God’s generosity toward others.

To get you started, here are ten small generous acts to consider:

1. Host people. Summer weather provides ample opportunity to host people at your house. With just a grill, cornhole set, and some paper plates, you can provide a fun gathering for friends and family. Leverage the home God has given you this summer.

2. Pay for someone’s gas. The price at the pump is putting pressure on everyone’s finances. Paying for someone’s gas will certainly catch the attention of the recipient and provide an opportunity to share the reason for your generosity—God’s generosity.

3. If you are member of a pool, ask someone to join you for a day. A pool is a great way to cool off on hot summer days. If you are a member of a pool, invite a friend, neighbor, or someone who you are actively trying to reach for Christ.

4. Mow a neighbor’s lawn. If God has blessed you with good health and a lawnmower, consider helping those of weaker health (like the elderly) or incredibly busy schedules (like a single mom) by mowing their yard.

5. Send an encouraging letter. A handwritten letter is rare to receive these days. Write down a few words of encouragement to a friend, family member, or coworker. Either hand deliver the letter or send it through the mail.

6. Go on a walk with someone who is facing challenging times. Ask someone who is going through a difficult period in their life out for a walk. Walk in the neighborhood or on a nearby trail. On the walk, spend more time listening than talking. Be generous with your ears and empathy.

7. Provide a night out for young parents. Young parents struggle to get out of the house. If you know some young parents, ask if they would let you babysit their kids. Give the young couple a night out.

8. Volunteer at a church event. Churches often have special events throughout the summer. Consider being generous with your time by volunteering at these events.

9. Donate unused items. You probably have several unused items sitting around your house or in your storage. If you haven’t used an item in one to two years, consider giving it away.

10. Teach your kids the joy of generosity. For parents, everything they do is teaching their children something. If you are a parent, include your children in the generous act when possible. Make this a summer where they begin to understand the joy of generosity.

Live generously this summer. Consider what other small acts of generosity you can perform to help others and bring glory to God.


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