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3 Articles About Church Giving

As some of you know, I provide articles and other resources for SecureGive. We have a great partnership that has developed over the past few years.

Much of the content I write for SecureGive is geared toward church leaders. My hope is that these pieces will help church leaders feel more equipped to teach what God’s Word says about money and generosity, resulting in a new generation of generous disciples.

Here three recent article I wrote on the topic of church giving.

Every first-time pastor has their fair share of surprising moments, moments when they realized that all the education in the world could not fully prepare them for what they now face.

Some of those moments relate to their church’s generosity. Sometimes, the pastors are encouraged by what they find, and, other times, they find themselves, well, not as encouraged.

Given the benefits of digital giving versus in-person, some ministers are asking the question, “Should I encourage people to give in-person anymore?” The temptation would be to completely dismiss in-person giving. But is that the right move?

Paying close attention to your giving numbers is essential, not just for financial health, but for the overall church health as well.

Examining giving data will help your church determine how fruitful your efforts are on discipleship regarding generosity, healthy church-wide giving culture, and effective communication that reaches everyone in the church on a regular basis.


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