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5 for Friday (April 15, 2022)

Do you know what an NFT is? How can you adjust you budget for inflation? And how can you help those who believe in the Prosperity Gospel?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Redeem Your Time (8 Rules for Growing in Godliness) by Tim Challies. The digital world can be a blessing and a curse. Its effect is negative when it contributes to our wasting of time. Time is precious, like gold. But like the treasure of gold, possessing time doesn’t mean one will use the treasure wisely. Our time is short, and best used for growing in godliness.

2. A Time to Hustle & A Time to Stroll by Reagan Rose. “Hustle Culture” promotes a lifestyle of working in every waking hour. But we were not designed for the constant barrage of work. Our limits are good limits, given by God. We should embrace them, for our good and for the good of the work we do. Sprinting is okay at times, but not without breaks. There is a time to stroll.

3. Only 1 in 4 People Actually Know What an NFT Is by Julia Glum. Most people don’t know what an NFT is, even if they think they do. Julia Glum helps to clear the air. NFT’s are not cryptocurrency. Neither are they digital assets purchased with traditional (fiat) money like the U.S. dollar. NFT’s are digital assets purchased with cryptocurrency.

4. 9 Tips to Adjust Your Budget for Inflation by Budget Mom. Last month, U.S. inflation hit a 40-year high at 7.9%. This inflation is likely to stary around for the next few years. It will affect your budget. But there are ways you can mitigate the effects of inflation on your personal finances. Here are nine tips to help you make adjustments.

5. How to Help Those Who Believe the Prosperity Gospel by Sean DeMars. The Prosperity Gospel promises health and wealth to its followers. But this is not the Biblical presentation of the Gospel. When loved one’s assent to this error, how can we help them to see the truth? Sean DeMars offers a couple talking points and encourages us to continue to point back to Scripture.

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