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5 for Friday (April 22, 2022)

Why do you feel guilty when you are busy? Should you donate cryptocurrency? And how is embezzlement hindering generosity?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. The Prosperity Gospel Loves God’s Gifts But Ignores God Himself by Mike McKinley and Sean DeMars. God gives us gifts in order for us to seek him and know him. The Prosperity Gospel missis this and emphasizes the gift over the giver. The message of Scripture is not that one should use Jesus to get his benefits, but that the benefits of Christ tell us that he is a loving savior full of grace and mercy.

2. Why You Feel Guilty When You’re Busy by Reagan Rose. Busyness causes stress, lack of focus, and feelings of guilt. Sometimes this last feeling—guilt—is a legitimate guilt we need to come to terms with. Are we in danger of breaking a promise to ourselves, God, or others? If so, we need to reassess our commitments, and ask God to help us be someone who keeps promises.

3. Donating Cryptocurrency? By Chuck Bentley. Generosity with cryptocurrency is a growing phenomenon. With cheap transaction costs, attractive tax deductions, and protection of anonymity, this kind of giving is an appealing option. Be sure to void scams and ask God for wisdom. Consider seeking the advice of trusted organizations as well.

4. 20 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them by Robin Madell. The “Great Resignation” has been upon us, and if you happen to be part of that wave, you may have job interviews lined up. It is best to be prepared for the questions you may receive. Robin Madell offers 20 potential questions and insight for answering them.

5. Embezzlement Bedevils Global Church Giving by Daniel Silliman. Embezzlement is a sad reality in many churches. It regularly takes advantage of the trust of generous church-members. The Center for the Study of Global Christianity projects this trend will grow and lists a handful of recent examples, as well as three ways to protect your church from fraud.


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