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5 for Friday (August 13, 2021)

How do you prepare for a Zoom interview? How much should you save in your twenties? And can rich people go to heaven?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Tips for Interviewing via Zoom By Hallie Crawford. Virtual interviews are increasingly common today and they are here to stay. Being interviewed over Zoom is convenient but has its own challenges. You should approach it with just as much seriousness as an in-person interview. Make sure you log in early, know your technology, dress for success, and have a quiet location for the meeting.

2. Economics for Church Leaders: Understanding Recessions by Joe Carter. What does the term “recession” mean and why is it important for church leaders? Generally speaking, a recession is a period of significant decline in economic activity. In these seasons, unemployment increases, investments slow down, and fewer small businesses open. Christians and churches should be wisely prepared for such seasons, and ready to care for those affected the most.

3. How Much Should You Save in Your Twenties to be a Millionaire When You Retire? By Mike Winters. One dollar saved in your twenties is worth ten dollars in retirement. So, start saving now. If you begin saving $282 at the age of 22 with average compounding interest over the life of your savings, you will have $1 million saved by the time you are 67.

4. How to Increase Your Credit Limit (Without Harming Your Score) by Casey Bond. A credit card can be a great financial tool and increasing your credit limit may enhance the card’s usefulness for you. But how can you increase your limit and ensure it is helpful and not harmful for your credit score? Casey Bond advises us to maintain a low balance despite higher limits, keep consistent payments, and more.

5. Can Rich People Go to Heaven? By Randy Alcorn. Randy Alcorn explains that, in Mark 10, Jesus didn’t teach that rich people cannot go to heaven. Instead, He lovingly showed this man that what he was clinging to would keep him from heaven. All of us—rich or poor or in between—cling to temporary treasures, making it impossible for us to get to heaven without God’s intervention.


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