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5 for Friday (August 6, 2021)

What money moves should you make in August? What shoe you do if you are married to a financial opposite? And what does generosity look like in America?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. The Best Money Moves for August 2021 by Kenadi Silcox. Kenadi Silcox walks through four financial moves to consider this month. Plan to shop for back-to-school on tax-free holidays. Think about unenrolling from child-tax credit payments if you qualify for them. Participate in National Financial Awareness Day on August 14th. And if you or your business regularly use postage, prepare for a price increase.

2. Fewer Americans Give to Charity (and to Their Churches) by Joe Carter. A recent study shows that less than half Americans give to charities, churches, and religious organizations. Joe Carter relates the data collected through research at India University. The numbers are surprising and show a historic lack in our churches. If Christians in America were slightly more generous, the effect would be enormous.

3. Hostage to Hurry by Marshall Segal. In a world of hurry, much of the good stuff comes slowly. God has made us both spectacular and limited. We can accomplish much—but only so much. Slowing down can help us be better spouses, roommates, neighbors, friends, and disciples of Jesus. Hurry to His presence and be freed from anxious hurry.

4. 7 Steps to Building a Cheap Above-Ground Swimming Pool by Geoff Williams. Do you wish you had a pool for the family, but don’t have it in the budget? One option is to build an above ground pool, which costs considerably less than an in-ground pool. Geoff Williams takes us through seven steps to install a new pool for the family.

5. Married to a Financial Opposite? By Chuck Bentley. Spouses are usually different from each other in many ways, and the way they think about money is no exception. This friction can be frustrating. But the differences are strengths. God knew your strengths and weaknesses when he put your marriage together. Depend on each other’s strengths and pray to be flexible, kind, and bear fruit of the Spirit.


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