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5 for Friday (December 17, 2021)

What are some good books about investing? How can you help your financial anxiety? And why do you experience the Christmas blues?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Help My Financial Anxiety! By Chuck Bentley. Financial stress hits us all in different ways and in different seasons. Predictably, intentional budgeting can begin to relieve stress, but so too is it important to understand the Bible's teaching on anxiety. Further, asking God for wisdom in how to navigate complex circumstances is something Christians are encouraged to do from God’s word.

2. 10 of the Best Investing Books for Beginners by Coryanne Hicks. Are you making a list of books to read this next year? Maybe the rise of cryptocurrencies or the GameStop debacle has you more interested in investing than before. Or you are simply trying to grow in what you already know. Here are ten books to consider adding to your list.

3. The Best Books I Read in 2021 by Reagan Rose. The end of the year is a good time to assess what has happened in 2021—including what books you have read. Reagan Rose provides his own list of books he found most beneficial this year, including categories in cryptocurrency, business, and productivity.

4. The 2021 Terms of the Year by Ward Williams and Caleb Silver. Each year, Investopedia releases information regarding the most popular financial terms people looked up on their cite in the previous twelve months. This year’s list includes terms like Non-Fundable Tokens (NFTs), Capital Gains Tax, and HODL. The authors helpfully define and explain each term at length.

5. Why Do I Experience the Christmas Blues? By Pat Aldridge. The “Christmas Blues” is a phenomenon some express as feelings of sadness around Christmas time. Why does this happen? Pat Aldridge explains what he sees in his own heart that may be causing the blues for others too. Selfishness, frustration, pain and grief all have a share in the Christmas blues.


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