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5 for Friday (December 24, 2021)

What is fiscal hilarity? Has Materialism distracted your heart? And how can a "personal brand" benefit your job search?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. In the Fog, There are Tidings of Comfort and Joy by Jason Deusing. This reflection on Christmas is worth a read today. In A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, fog is a prominent theme from which friends and light emerge. Our own day is filled with fog, and Christmas is a season which naturally brings comfort and relationship with family and friends. But it also brings the message of the true light.

2. Fiscal Hilarity by Jim Elliff. Giving is not just a duty for Christians but is supposed to be a devotion and joy. It is a sign that we have been loved by God and are grateful for it. This article will challenge you to give more and give you practical steps on how to do it.

3. Has Materialism Distracted Your Heart? By Immanuel Marsh. Materialism is a perennial topic around Christmas time. Giving up materialism doesn’t mean denying the invite to gift-swapping parties, but instead means we search our hearts for greed and for worry. Jesus promised that God is pleased to give us the kingdom. This should free us from our materialism expressed in greed and anxiety.

4. Workers Value a Good 401(k) So Highly, They’re Willing to Quit Their Jobs Over It by Mallika Mitra. A recent survey of 1,000 employees showed that 74% of workers would leave their current employer for another job that offered better financial benefits. The top two financial benefits employees were enticed by were a high-quality 401(k) or a 401(k) matching program.

5. 10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand by Hallie Crawford. Hallie Crawford says a personal brand is a statement that can be given to future employers to summarize your values, work experience, and skills. In other words, it is useful for job interviews. This statement should express your unique value as an employee. Here are a few tips on forming such a statement.


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