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5 for Friday (January 21, 2022)

When should you give raises to your employees? Is missions financially risky? And what should you do when your resolutions start dissolving?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. When Should I Give Raises to My Employees? By Courtney Powell. Do you find yourself in a position with the responsibility to determine how much employees are paid? The Bible has instruction for employers in their authoritative role, but how does this apply to compensation? Courtney Powell gives you three practical tips for the salary conversation.

2. How the Lottery Preys on the Poor by John Piper. Another podcast from Piper this week is related to finances. Read the transcript or listen in as Piper lists and explains data which shows the negative effect of the lottery on the poor. As Christians, we are to care for the poor. And that should make us weary of any kind of gambling.

3. Is Missions Financially Risky? By Andrew Paul Ward. While safety tends to be a strong concern for many, it is good for Christians to consider when risk-taking in faith is appropriate or necessary, including with our finances. Spiritual growth and demonstrating love to others are appropriate motivations for this risk. Financial risk isn’t financial responsibility; good financial management opens the door to Godly financial risk.

4. What to Do When Your Resolutions Start Dissolving by Reagan Rose. Two weeks is the average life span of a New Year’s resolution. But if our aims come from right and godly desires, we shouldn’t wait until next year to get going again—keep going! Modify your plan rather than throwing in the towel. And remember you can pray to our Father in heaven in our struggles.

5. You Can Overcome Your Empty Grocery Store by Sarah Showfety. Grocery stores all over the country are experiencing shortages which you surely have noticed in the past month. These shortages are caused by a 50% rise in consumer demand for groceries and an 80,000 delivery-truck-driver deficit. Sarah offers tips for the shortages, including expanding where you shop and finding substitutions for your usual ingredients.


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