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5 for Friday (July 23, 2021)

How can you diversify your income? What do you need to know about college loans? And how can you be more productive?

These questions and more are answer in this weeks 5 for Friday.

1. From Giving Money to Relinquishing Power: The Three Phases of Generosity by Jeff Haanen.

a. Jeff Haanen has observed Christians move through three phases of generosity as a fundraiser and former nonprofit executive. First, the believer asks, “how much do I give?” Then, the question becomes “How much do I keep?” Eventually, the giver is characterized more and more by contentment, self-forgetfulness, and Christlikeness.

2. How to Diversify Your Income While Keeping a 9-5 Job by Allision Martin.

a. Diversifying your income can be a good tool for financial health. Supplemental income can help you to live generously, pay debt off more quickly, and plan wisely for the future. Tighten up your budget and pay off debt. Consider investing in real estate, finding avenues for passive streams of income, or kickstarting a new business.

3. The Basics of College Loans by Budget Mom.

a. Many students are off to college in the next month planning to pay tuition with student loans. If this is your plan, be as informed as possible about your options. This article is a good starting point, detailing the differences between federal and private loans. Know the differences and don’t create more debt than you need for school.

4. 3 Principles to Building—and Keeping—a Great Relationship with a Mentor by Robert Reffkin.

a. A mentor in life and in work is a blessing. Robert Reffkin offers three tips for building and making the most out of these mentor-mentee relationships. Be a giver not just a taker. Take advice seriously. And be personal, not just professional.

5. The Key to a More Productive Day by Michael Hyatt.

a. With busy to-do lists at work, how do you attack each day in a way that allows you to be productive by closing time? Start with a “Daily Big 3”. Each day, prioritize the three things that need to be accomplished to make progress on your most important goals.

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