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5 for Friday (June 17, 2022)

What are some chores that can help kids learn about the goodness of work? What’s going on with household wealth in the United States? And how often should you check your retirement account?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s 5 for Friday.

1. US Household Wealth Hits a Snag by Juliet Bennett Rylah.

During the past two years, Americans experienced stimulus checks, rapidly increasing home values, and a hot stock market. Now, everything has changed. The stimulus checks are spent, consumer debt is on the rise, and we are in a bear market. This article reveals the impact this has had on American’s wealth.

God designed us to work. Work was a pre-fall (before sin entered the world) idea. Learning to appreciate the goodness of work can start at an early age. In this article, Sarah Zylstra provides several kid-appropriate chores that can help kids experience God’s design for work.

3. Stop Checking Your 401k So Much by Lindsey Ellefson.

More than likely, your retirement account has experienced a dip. Frequently checking your 401(k) can create stress and, potentially, cause you to make an unwise financial decision. So, when should you check your retirement account? This article encourages you to resist the urge to frequently view your balance.

To some, God provides much. To others, he provides less. But whether God provides much or little, to all he requires stewardship. In this article, Andrew Wheeler looks at the importance of stewardship for the entire congregation.

5Kids Need Grace, Too by Sarah Rainer

Parenting is not easy. Kids have meltdowns. They disrupt schedules. They create messes. As parents, it’s important to remember kids need just as much grace as adults. In this article, Sarah Rainer provides insight into your child’s world and encourages us to be grace-filled parents.


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