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5 for Friday (June 24, 2022)

As Christians, how do we maintain the right balance in our savings? How do wars impact stock prices? And where are some of the cheapest day trips in the US?

These questions and more are answered in this week’s 5 for Friday.

1. 10 Common Scams That Target Seniors and How to Avoid Them by Rachel Hartman

Senior adults are frequently targeted for scams. Whether you are a senior adult or have a senior adult in your family, awareness of these scams can reduce the likelihood of you or your loved one falling victim to them. Read this for your own benefit and pass it on to others.

2. Maintaining the Right Balance in Our Saving by Leo Sabo

“The world pushes us to accumulate as much as possible to ensure we will be safe, but there's no amount of money or possessions that will ever make us feel safe.” Given, this how much should a believer save? How do we balance trust in God and saving for future needs?

3. From Baby Boom to Missions Boon? by Paul Akin

A Christian’s retirement years are meant for more than long walks on the beach and shuffleboard matches. These are prime years to take the gospel to neighbors in our community and around the world. This article shines light on the Great Commission opportunity retirees have.

4. How Do Conflicts and War Affect Stocks? by Wayne Duggan

When war breaks out around the world, investments are regularly impacted. Why does this happen? This article considers the following topics—stocks that fall in times of conflict, stocks benefitting from armed conflicting, wars’ impact on commodity and cryptocurrency prices.

5. 50 of the Cheapest Day Trips to Take Across the US by Jonathan van Halem.

Given current inflation, many Americans are opting for non-traditional vacations this summer. Instead of going to the beach for a week, families are planning staycations. Including a day trip during the staycation can be a fun experience. This article looks at some of the cheapest day trips in the US.

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