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5 for Friday (March 11, 2022)

What are some tax tips for pastors? Is it a good time for singles to buy a house? And how can you make the most of every drop of gas?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. 5 Tax Tips for Pastors by Adam Zylstra. We are in the midst of tax-filing season—a season many do not look forward to. Pastors have unique processes to complete in filling their taxes. Adam Zylstra offers tips on checking tax forms, unconsidered income and tax breaks, as well as wisdom regarding social security. Church’s should also ensure member-giving is properly recorded and reported for givers.

2. Your Colleagues Are Not Your Competition by David Leonard. Reflecting on a movie he recently watched, David Leonard applies an observed them to the working world—fellow employees are not obstacles to overcome, but neighbors to support and love like Christ. Today’s working environment promotes “survival of the fittest’. The gospel promotes loving one’s neighbor.

3. Single and Ready to Buy a House by Chuck Bentley. Jesus taught the crowds to calculate the cost of following him by comparing it to a builder’s counting the cost of building a tower—potential home buyers must also carefully consider the cost of such a purchase. Many more single people are looking for homes. Is now the right time? Chuck Bentley offers his thoughts.

4. Should You Set Up a Charitable Trust? By Rachel Hartman. Charitable trusts allow you to pass down your assets to beneficiaries for a charitable cause. Different types of charitable trusts have various advantages and disadvantages. Charitable trusts allow you to leave a generous legacy and reduce the tax impact. But there are also unique fees that come with these trusts, and the assets can be hard to access if needed.

5. How to Get the Most Out of Every Drop of Gas Right Now by Emily Long. Gas prices have soared in the last few days in light of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Make the most out of each gallon of gas with intentional driving decisions. Drive more conservatively, take good care of your vehicle, and reduce your load to maximize your fuel efficiency.


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