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5 for Friday (March 25, 2022)

What does radical ordinary hospitality look like? What are some red flags from personal finance "influencers?" And what is the key to productivity?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. What Does Radically Ordinary Hospitality Look Like? by Rosaria Butterfield. Hospitality should be a normal attitude and practice in Christian homes. It is not only taught and modeled in the New Testament, but also taught and modeled throughout the history of the Church. This hospitality is both radical and ordinary, motivated by the Gospel and showing Christ to strangers and neighbors.

2. 17 Huge Red Flags From Personal Finance ‘Influencers’ by Stephen Johnson. The World Wide Web has a host of personal finance advice. But not all financial help and advice is equal. Sadly, some portray themselves as qualified to teach and considerate of others, while in reality they are motivated merely by their own profit. Stephen Johnson gives 17 potential red flags that may identify a “shady influencer”.

3. 99% of Productivity is Prioritizing by Reagan Rose. “Busyness” and “productivity” are not synonyms. To accomplish things productively, we must focus on our priorities. Otherwise, our efforts at being productive will not always be directed at things that matter. Christians are to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. This priority drives our work and leads to faithful stewardship.

4. 3 Questions for a Values-Based, Impact-Driven Inheritance by Sheila Donlinger. By asking a few key questions, families can create a values-based, impact-driven inheritance that empowers children to avoid common dangers and thrive with purpose.

5. Should You Set a Financial Finish Line? by Cody Hobelmann. What is enough? This is a question that most do not ponder. But is there a a point at which you say, "I have enough?" Or, are you in a never-ending race? In this article Cody Hobelmann discusses the financial finish line.


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