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5 for Friday (May 20, 2022)

Should you follow your passion? Why should you read more biographies? And which 'Financial Phase' are you in?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. 4 Tips for Finding the Best College for You by Kaitlin Mulhere. This is the season of graduation for high schoolers. Many are in the throes of decisions about where to attend college. How should you make a decision? Don’t think expensive means better. Know the acceptance rates. Explore career prep opportunities. And try to picture yourself on campus.

2. Don’t Waste Your Life Following Your Passion by David Prince. Graduates are told to “follow your passions” or “chase your dreams!” The problem with these statements is that they are self-centered and self-referential. They neglect God and the community of Christians he has put us in, and over-simplify what it means to find our passion. We are wholly dependent on God.

3. Why You Should Read More Biographies by Trevor Nashleanas. Some of us tend toward reading what is “practical”, and others toward fiction. But how often do you read biographies? Biographies can inspire us in every aspect of life but also sober us to the realities of the world we live in. They can encourage us or teach us empathy. Biographies are a staple to any reading list.

4. How to Budget When Moving Out for the First Time by Budget Mom. Moving out of mom and dad’s house is a big step, as young adults move on to college or out into the work force. What do they need to know as they being budgeting on their own? If this is you, Budget Mom provides a handful of questions to ask yourself and tips for getting started on your budget.

5. You Should Know Which ‘Financial Phase’ You’re In by Emily Long. Don’t forget about generosity while reading this article. But Emily Long encourages us to know where we are at in our financial journey. Defining our current situation is an important step to making and reaching financial goals. She defines three financial phases as accumulation, preservation, and distribution.


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