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5 for Friday (May 27, 2022)

How can you save money this summer? What is a simple way to prioritize your daily tasks? And what is the personal finance advice every college graduate needs to know?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Does Finishing Well Equate to Success and Happiness? By Phil A. Newton. Phil Newton reviews the Arthur C. Brooks’ book From Strength to Strength. Newton shows the good and the not so good from this popular book meant to encourage people in their “second half of life.” Ultimately, Christians strive to be conformed to Jesus Christ, whatever life may bring.

2. How to Save Money During a Summer When Everything Is Super Expensive by Sarah Hansen. With inflation up, and summer at our door, what do the typical summer pass-times look like this year? First, it means we will have to be wise about spending our money. Here are eight tips to save money on your summer endeavors.

3. Advice for Single Moms Hurt by Inflation by Chuck Bentley. An overwhelmed, single mother of three writes in to ask Chuck Bentley for financial advice. Bentley acknowledges that many single parents have limited time, limited resources, and limited community. His encouragement first is to find some trusted community and suggests how to find it.

4. How to Prioritize Your Daily Tasks by Reagan Rose. We all could use help to either being prioritizing rightly or to continue good practices. Reagan Rose offers a simple, four step process to start your day that takes no more than five minutes. With these few steps, you can prioritize clearly and accomplish your goals.

5. The Personal Finance Advice Every College Graduate Needs by Jonathan van Halem. College graduations are wrapping up around the country. What do you need to know as you step out into life after college, potentially into a new career? Know your worth in salary negotiations. Be realistic. Match your company’s 401 (k) contribution, and open a Roth IRA, among other things.


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