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5 for Friday (November 12, 2021)

How can pastors model and teach financial stewardship? How should you prepare for an internship interview? And how can we post wisely on social media?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Pastors Can Model & Teach What God’s Word Says About Financial Stewardship by Randy Alcorn. Money is a taboo topic in many churches. But stewardship of what we own is a central Biblical teaching that pastors cannot avoid if they hope to teach their people the whole counsel of God. Teach joyful giving and don’t neglect the power of living as an example.

2. Five Reasons Your Church’s Giving is Increasing Even Though Attendance is Lower by Thom Rainer. For many churches, attendance is down but giving is either level or increasing. Some reasons for this may be that absent members are still giving, committed members are giving more, digital and planned giving has increased, many received government financial help, and church leaders have ask more clearly for members to give.

3. Sufficient for the Day by Reagan Rose. Jesus doesn’t tell us not to think about tomorrow, but not to worry about tomorrow. It is important to plan for tomorrow with open hands, but when planning becomes obsession and anxiety over the future, we have wandered into sin. Reagan Rose shares his practice that helps him plan without worrying.

4. Tips for a Successful Internship Interview by Hallie Crawford. College graduates or those making a career transition should consider the benefits of doing an internship. Hallie Crawford offers several tips to excel in the internship interview process. These tips surround preparation for the interview, as well as questions to ask and be prepared for.

5. 3 Questions to Ask Ourselves Before Posting on Social Media by Jordan Wootten. We depend on social platforms more every day. We are still learning, though, how to behave on them. As Christians, we should consider these things before we post: Why am I saying this? What do I hope to accomplish by saying this? And How can I say this in a truthful, charitable, and productive way?


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