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5 for Friday (November 19, 2021)

How can churches be generous to missionaries? What seasonal jobs should you look for this holiday season? And how can Black Friday shopping reveal the desires of our hearts?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. Why Saying “I Don’t Know” Makes You a Great Leader by Mike Winters. A strong leader admits when they don’t know something. They will be competent for the job, yes, but when new problems and information arise, good leaders can admit their ignorance. Doing so leads to informed decision making and builds credibility with employees rather than creating a façade.

2. Spend Time, Send People, And Give Money: Three Ways to Think About “Generosity” in Missions by Ryan Robertson. Churches support missionaries with more than just money. If you are a church leader, be generous with your time—and the time of your church—to be hospitable and intentional with missionaries. Be generous with your own people by prayerfully sending out the best among you. And, of course, be amply generous financially for those you have sent.

3. 11 Seasonal Jobs for Retirees by Rachel Hartman. The holiday season is where, which means many employers will be looking for additional help. This is a great time for retirees to earn extra income and stay active. Rachel Hartman lists 11 seasonal jobs for you to consider this holiday season.

4. Shepherding in a Shifting Financial Landscape by David Roach. The economic landscape is shifting these days. As a result, funding for church staff and operations will change. Members and pastors will be in difficult employment situations. Health insurance costs for church staff, too, will be a challenge. Pastors and churches need to be wise in the coming years to navigate this array of challenges.

5. The Brand New is the New Old by Chris Roberts. Black Friday’s impending arrival is probably a good chance for us to do a heart-check—are we believing we will get a new sense of satisfaction with a new purchase? It is right and good to enjoy what God has given us, but we must remember that the only newness we crave comes in Christ.


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