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5 for Friday (October 1, 2021)

How do you know you have a bad credit card? How should you go about choosing your career? And what do you need to know when communicating about money?

These questions and more are answered in this week's 5 for Friday.

1. 8 Signs of a Bad Credit Card by Ben Luthi. A credit card can be a great tool for building credit. Unfortunately, some credit cards are designed in almost predatory ways for those who have bad credit. Watch out for these 8 signs from credit card offers that would suggest you should avoid them.

2. Why Millennials and Gen Zers Should be Investing in Roth IRA’s by Mike Winters. A Roth account requires the investor to pay taxes upfront. But this means the money can be taken out later without being taxed as traditional investments are. The benefit, Mike Winters says, is that the tax paid now is likely to be miniscule compared to the growth from compound interest of the investment over the long haul.

3. Three Things to Remember When Communicating about Money by Darrel Girardier. Pastors feel awkward at times during the offering time of a church worship service. Sometimes, this is because the pastor is unsure what to say to encourage Biblical generosity. Darrel Girardeir offers a few tips. Give clear and physical examples of how the church uses its budget, and connect it to the spiritual mission of the church.

4. Biblical Joy in the Workplace by Joshua Nangle. Biblical joy is not dependent on our circumstances, even if our circumstances happen to be what we always dreamed of. Biblical joy involves a contentment that only the hope of Christ can produce in our lives. Difficulties will come even if we land our dream job; joy in Christ alone will preserve us through trial.

5. How to Choose a Career: Advice From a Puritan Pastor by Jeff Haanen. What are you called to do? 17th century Pastor, Richard Baxter, had some advice for his church regarding their work. He tried to answer what a “calling” to a career could be. He was most concerned with the health of the soul and the common good of others. He also encouraged people seek both wise counsel and reasonable wages.


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