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5 for Friday (October 8, 2021)

How should you invest during times of inflation? How does generosity free you? And what does it look like to start planning for retirement?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

1. How Personal Policies Can Help You Fight Decision Fatigue by Reagan Rose. Just like every physical activity builds up to exhaust an athlete, so every decision we make in a short amount of time exhausts our ability to make good decisions. Reagan Rose points to studies that reveal this decision fatigue, and suggests implementing personal policies that help eliminate the amount of decisions we have to make.

2. How to Hire Great People and Keep Them from Quitting by Suzanne Lucas. A large percentage of employees are leaving their jobs in search of the next opportunity. This has been called “The Great Resignation”. Employers face the challenge of both retaining and recruiting the right people for their teams. Consider these four strategies toward that end. Hire for potential. Know your employees’ concerns. Know your competitors. And study the results.

3. Investing in Inflationary Times by Chuck Bentley. Inflation is a relevant concern these days for those with invested money. While some years are tougher than others, how does one wisely invest in preparation for high levels of inflation? Chuck Bentley points to practical advice from the book of Ecclesiastes that prescribes diversifying investments.

4. Retirement Planning: How to Start from the Beginning by Budget Mom. If you have started giving and have gotten rid of your debt, it’s time to consider retirement savings. You will need to find space for retirement savings in your budget. Make sure to take advantage of your employer’s retirement plan if they have one. Consider an additional IRA account and make it easy by opting for automatic payments.

5. Generosity is Liberation by Jay Kim. The Bible is concerned with the intersection of Christlikeness and money. It teaches us that we are wired to be generous. Pastors should teach from this understanding, shepherding Christians to know that giving is not a burden but a freedom. Greed enslaves, not generosity.


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