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5 for Friday (September 24, 2021)

Should I look for a better job? How can I bless my employer when working remotely? And should the rich downgrade their lifestyle?

These questions and more are answered in this week 5 for Friday.

1. Should I Look for a Better Job? By Greg Phelan. Deciding when to leave a job usually requires wisdom and intentional thought. Is there a real opportunity to leave for another available job? What is your motivation—what emotions are leading you to consider other work and are they in line with the truth? Is it the right time for you and your family? Consider these questions and more.

2. How to Bless Your Employer While Working Remotely by Reagan Rose. Remote work is here to stay. Christians should be distinct in their attempt to be good workers even if the work is not in their employer’s sight. In doing so, employees will bless their employers. Simply clarifying expectations and communicating proactively are signs of integrity that an employer will be thankful for.

3. This is the Average Credit Score for Every Generation by Ana Lucia Murillo. Since the start of the pandemic, the average American credit score has risen to somewhere between 695 and 716 depending on which agency you consult. Also listed is the average credit score for generations Gen Z to the so called “Silent Generation”—and every group in between. See your generations average and be motivated toward greater financial health.

4. Should Rich Christians Downgrade Their Lifestyle? By John Piper. Paul doesn’t specifically condemn wealth in 1 Timothy 6:17-19. Neither does the Bible specify the degree of luxury that may be destructive to Christian life and witness. (“How difficult it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of heaven!” Lk. 18:24). But the New Testament teaches a simplicity and economy for the sake of the gospel.

5. How to Do a No-Spend Challenge by Geoff Williams. A no-spend challenge can be a motivating way to save extra money as well as a stimulant for better financial discipline. Give it a try! Set specific goals and start small, let your kids in on the challenge and maybe some friends too. Plan for exceptions and have a plan to wisely spend what you have saved.


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