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5 No-Cost Ways to Be Generous During the Pandemic

How can you show the love of Jesus to others during a pandemic? You certainly can leverage your financial resources, but many have lost their jobs or are experiencing reduced income. Fortunately, there are some no-cost ways to live generously during the pandemic. Here are a few ways to be generous that don’t require any money.

1. Give a call. Be generous with your voice. When you get a moment, connect with a friend or family member via phone. The simple call allows others to know that you are thinking of them and care about them. A fifteen-minute phone call can go a long way to making another feel loved.

2. Give a note. Send a handwritten note to someone. In our digital world, these are increasingly rare and appreciated. If you have children, let them create their own cards and send them to their friends. Be generous by sending a note.

3. Coordinate a video meetup. Everyone is on Zoom now. Invite and host some type of gathering for your family or friends. You can simply spend time catching up on everyone’s lives or play a game. For adults with children, holding one of these at night, after the kids are in bed, can be a fun time to reconnect with those you have not seen in a while.

4. Offer to pick something up while you’re out. Eventually, you need to go out to pick up groceries or carryout. Before you head out, ask your friends and neighbors if you can pick them something up as well. Not only does this help keep more people home, it provides a great service to your friends and neighbors.

5. Paint rocks. Okay, this one probably needs further explanation. Last week, we were walking around the neighborhood and on some nearby trails. We ran across a small, slightly hidden, painted stone. As the walk continued, we spotted more stones. Believe it or not, this scenario is normal in our neighborhood. Neighbors will paint small, smooth stones and set them in places to be discovered. If you find one, you get to keep the stone or hide it again. It is like one ongoing Easter egg hunt. Our kids love it. Consider doing something for your neighborhood. Be generous to your neighbor by starting your own fun, ongoing activity.

You can still live generously during the pandemic, even when money gets tight. Don’t let reduced financial resources and sheltering-in-place stop you from reflecting God’s generosity toward others. Be generous, even during the pandemic.


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