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6 Articles That Will Inspire You to Have a Debt-Free Christmas

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here. As you do your last-minute preparations, here are a few articles to keep you motivated to stay within your budget and successfully achieve a debt-free Christmas.

Article #1: 6 Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can create a significant win for consumers. But if consumers are not careful, the present financial benefit of these days can lead to a future financial burden—debt. How can you take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday without regret?

Article #2: 6 Expenses to Include in Your Christmas Budget

Christmas is coming. Avoid debt by planning your Christmas expenses now. Let reminders of the 2021 Christmas season come from family pictures and videos, not credit card bills.

Article #3: 4 Things to Remember When Christmas Shopping in 2021

Christmas shopping on its own can be a hassle but when you add on supply chain issues and labor shortages, it takes on a whole new level of struggle. As you get ready to approach Christmas shopping this year, there are few things you may want to remember these unique economic times.

Article #4: Should I Buy a Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?

Which is better, a real or artificial Christmas tree? The debate is ongoing, and in some circles (family and friends), the disagreement can get somewhat intense.

Article #5: 3 Easy Ways to Save For Christmas Every Year

Although Christmas comes at the same time every single year, most Americans find themselves scrambling financially during the Holiday season. Many people are unsure of how to cover the costs of gifts, travel, and décor as they host family and friends.

Article #6: 7 Creative Ways Your Family Can Demonstrate Generosity This Christmas

These are just a few ways your family can creatively demonstrate generosity this Christmas. Get your family excited about a generosity emphasis this Christmas. There are few better seasons to do this.

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