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7 Creative Ways Your Family Can Demonstrate Generosity This Christmas

2020 has been a difficult year, we all know this. People in your community feel like they are walking in a fog, uncertain of what tomorrow will bring and expecting the worst. It is in these moments that the light of God’s church can shine even brighter, providing hope in the midst of perceived hopelessness.

I wrote an article on some ways churches can be generous this Christmas. I immediately received encouragement to adapt the article for families. So, I obliged.

The reality is that Christmas provides the perfect opportunity to rally your family around a generosity emphasis. Granted, the pandemic requires us to do these efforts differently than in prior years. To help, here are some creative ways your family can mask up and demonstrate generosity this Christmas.

1. Write letters to community leaders. Navigating 2020 has been difficult for many community leaders. Their public roles have made them targets for frequent criticism. Give them something they have not received much this year—encouragement. Have your family write letters, filled with encouragement and commitments of prayer, to community leaders.

2. Buy gifts for suffering families. This year has wreaked financial havoc on many families. Whether you go through another organization or you have personally identified suffering families and their needs, give your family a chance to respond to those needs.

3. Provide gifts for local school teachers. In-person teaching. Video teaching. School teachers have done it all this year. Showcase the love of Jesus by showering school teachers with gifts from your family.

4. Adopt a nursing home. Men and women in nursing homes have experienced a significant amount of isolation. Show that your family, and, more importantly, Christ has not forgotten them this Christmas. Work with nursing home leadership to provide safe and meaningful ways of connecting with the men and women inside a nursing home.

5. Send Christmas care packages to soldiers overseas. The Christmas season can be difficult for soldiers overseas as many are not able to spend time with their loved ones. Have your family put together care packages for these soldiers. Include messages from you and your children.

6. Provide blanket bundles for the homeless. During the winter months, many organizations are needing blanket bundles for the homeless. These care packages can provide much-needed relief from colder weather. Partner with an organization or provide the bundles to your community’s homeless population.

7. Go Christmas caroling. Spread the joy of Christmas in a classic way—through Christmas caroling. Of course, remember that we are in a pandemic. So, make sure you keep an appropriate distance from those to whom you are singing.

These are just a few ways your family can creatively demonstrate generosity this Christmas. Get your family excited about a generosity emphasis this Christmas. There are few better seasons to do this. Let your family provide hope in a year that has been filled with feelings of hopelessness.


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