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8 Ways to Stand Out at Work That Do Not Require Any Talent Whatsoever

We all know men and women who are talented yet struggle to advance in their career. And we all know men and women who are able to advance in their career yet know one would say that they are the most talented person in the room.

How does this happen?

Talent is not unimportant. It definitely can provide you a highlight reel. But when employers are looking for those they can promote, they want something more than just highlights.

They want reliability. They want consistency. They want effort. They want low-maintenance. They want someone that can lead others well.

So how do you become this type of person?

Whether you are the most or least talented person in the room, there are things you can do to stand out and put yourself in position to advance at work.

1. Show up on time. And sometimes that means a few minutes early. Making others wait on you can communicate disrespect. It can communicate that you care more about your time than their time.

2. Be prepared. If you are asked to be in a meeting, make sure you know what is expected of you and that you can deliver on those expectations.

3. Work hard. Put in effort. Show that you care.

4. Dress appropriately. Every workplace has its own dress code, even if it is unwritten. Make sure you do not stand out for dress that is considered inappropriate for your workplace.

5. Be well-rested. Sure, sometimes you just have a bad night’s sleep. I get it. Sleep has a significant impact on your work performance. Have more energy and think more clearly by getting a good night’s sleep.

6. Manage your time well. There are so many potential distractions at work. A tool that has significantly helped me in this area is a simple to-do list. It keeps me on track. Give it a try.

7. Have a good attitude. Try to be positive. Be grateful for the opportunity you have been given. Those who are grateful for their employment will always be considered for promotion over those who are ungrateful.

8. Be a constant learner. Read books. Take classes. Listen to others’ advice and coaching. Invest in educating yourself so that your thoughts and ideas do not grow stagnant.

Everyone can do these things. But not everyone will.

Remarkable talent is not necessary to have a remarkable career. Whether you are the most or least talented person in the room, you can stand out at the workplace.

And it starts with doing those things that require no talent whatsoever.


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