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How Target Pays for College

Student loans are like a magic shovel. This shovel can dig even when you aren’t holding it. It sounds pretty cool until you realize the shovel is digging a hole deeper and deeper, and you’re stuck at the bottom.

You are likely wondering if there is a debt-free way for you or your child to get through college. One less-considered option is to find an employer who will not only pay you but will also pay for your education. Target is one of the best of these companies. If you are in college, or thinking about going to college, here are three reasons you should consider applying for Target.

1. Free College.

Target offers to pay up to 100% of tuition costs for their employees. Degrees from over 40 different schools in business-related programs are covered by the retailer. This is a free degree. If you want to save money and avoid loans (who doesn’t?), applying to work at Target is an opportunity you can’t pass up. Did I mention they also offer to cover the smaller, out-of-pocket costs like textbooks and fees? And if you want to go on to get your master’s degree when you graduate, Target offers to cover up to $10,000 annually.

2. Available to any employee.

You might think that such a good benefit would only be offered to full-time employees who have been working there for at least six months—but that is not the case. Both full and part-time employees of Target are eligible for tuition coverage on their first day of work. As a college student, you’re likely to be looking for a part-time job because a full-time job would take time away from your studies. And once you are hired, Target will waste no time in covering your expenses. Why not aim for a part-time gig that will also pay for your classes?

3. Starting wage.

Surely, if Target does so much to cover the tuition for their employees, the starting pay for a part-timer must be a meager $7.50 an hour, right? Nope. Target’s starting pay is $15 an hour. Obviously, they are seeking out the best talent. Put your name in the hat. If you get the job, you not only won’t have to pay for tuition and books, but you’ll receive a highly competitive wage. And instead of sending that paycheck straight to your school, you can invest more in giving, saving, and living; quite a bit more than you would at a minimum-wage-paying, part-time job.

Whether you are paying for college through student loans, working long hours, or even if you have plenty of money to pay for school, why not consider taking advantage of the benefits Target offers? Of course, you will have to be hired first, so you need to go apply. The opportunity is too good to pass up. If you are hired, these tuition benefits will save you time, money, and stress for years to come.


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