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Introducing the More Than Money Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch of the More Than Money Podcast!

The More Than Money Podcast helps listeners get financially healthy for the sake of giving and living generously. This unique podcast provides fun, practical, biblically-based financial advice through interviews and listener questions. Let’s change our finances so that we can be a part of

changing eternity!

Upcoming interviews include:

Chris Brown,

Paul David Tripp,

Thom Rainer,

Chris Hogan,

Taylor Standridge,

Ron Edmondson,

Chuck Bentley,

and more!

We will answer your money questions like:

Which should I do first—max out my Roth IRA or pay off my debt?

How do I get started investing?

Should I invest in Bitcoin?

How important is tithing if giving to our church means not paying another bill?

What age should I start talking about money with my son?

How do you manage a budget while allowing for the Holy Spirit to lead you in giving?

Listen to the More Than Money Podcast here.


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