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My 5 for Friday (April 23, 2021)

Should I day trade? What are some cheap date ideas? And can a Christian buy a lottery ticket?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

  1. Is Day Trading a Bad Idea? by Chuck Bentley. Investing is not unbiblical, Chuck Bentley says. But Day Trading has more similarities with gambling than investing. Gambling tends to disregard the loss of others, whereas investing celebrates the gains of everyone involved. Because of this, longer term investments are the wiser option than the rising fad of day trading.

  2. 45 Cheap Date Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Go On by Ramsey Solutions. Dates are expensive. Throw in a babysitter, and the price of a night out with your spouse can really soar. The good news is there are plenty of fun, cheap date ideas in this article you can try out to get some one-on-one time in your marriage. Read to the end for tips on cheap babysitting too!

  3. Can a Christian Buy a Lottery Ticket? by Roger Barrier. Gambling and buying lottery tickets are never explicitly condemned or endorsed in the Bible. The verdict is left to each person’s Scripture-informed conscience. Roger Barrier personally does not buy lottery tickets for several reasons but leaves room for the conscience with this issue.

  4. 10 Teen Jobs That Pay Well by Maryalene LaPonsie. As summer approaches, many high schoolers will be looking for jobs to make some extra cash over the summer. If you or the teen in your family are looking for a flexible summer gig, the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment industries are good places to start.

  5. High Performing Teams Do These 10 Things by Eric Jacobson. Do you lead a team at work or in ministry? Here are ten characteristics to cultivate in your team that lead to cohesive work as a group. Set aside time to look these over, or prayerfully consider with your group where you can grow in these areas.


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