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My 5 for Friday (April 30, 2021)

Should churches pay their pastors? What are some misconceptions about 529 Plans? And what are some common financial mistakes churches make?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

1. Don’t Muzzle the Ox by Ken Mbugua. Church, should you pay your pastor? Pastor, what is the biblical way for you to think about being paid by your church? The Bible teaches that the honorable work of a vocational pastor deserves honest pay. This topic has been neglected, and as a result, churches often invest more in other projects, rather than in men devoted to shepherding God’s church.

2. Top 10 Church Financial Mistakes by Joseph Sangl. Just as individuals are called to steward the money God has given them in a worthy way, so church leaders are to steward the church’s finances in a godly way. Financial mistakes in the church can end in a budget crisis, or worse, in tarnishing the name of Christ. Have a biblical vision for the finances in your church and use wisdom to ensure your money is stewarded well.

3. Christian Principles Made Us Wealthy. So What? By P.J. Hill. The world-economy has, on average, grown dramatically in the last two-hundred years. The Christian faith has contributed in a significant way to this growth, and this growth has benefited the world on a large scale. Still, increased wealth comes with its own hedonistic temptations. Christians should intentionally participate in economic service to others, while understanding the potential pitfalls.

4. The Secret to Achieving More: A Good Night’s Sleep by Michael Hyatt. It is easy to sacrifice sleep for work and productivity. However, is it necessary to sleep less to be more productive? The National Sleep Foundation suggests the exact opposite; in order to be more productive, we need an adequate amount of sleep. A good night of sleep leads to mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

5. 6 Common Misconceptions About 529 Plans by Emma Kerr. A common concern for parents today is how to afford sending their children to college. An excellent option for this college-saving is a 529 plan. Sadly, a few misconceptions about 529 plans (one of those being that the plan is only for your children!) lead many to not take advantage of the benefit. Emma Kerr debunks six of these 529 myths.


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