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My 5 for Friday (January 29, 2021)

Should married couples have joint accounts? What should you buy used? And how can you help your economic anxiety?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

1. Yes! Married Couples Should Share a Bank Account by Chris Petrie. The benefits to a combined bank account in marriage are many. Transparency and a simpler budget are just two of the pros to sharing your money. Chris Petrie argues for the good of a combined bank account and tips to do it successfully in marriage.

2. How To Be An Assertive Person Without Being Too Pushy by Carol Zee. To be an assertive communicator does not require you to be aggressive. And to avoid being aggressive does not ensure you will be passive. To be assertive is to be confident, yet open, honest, and considerate of others. Assertive communication lines up well with the Biblical command to “Let your speech always be gracious…” (Col. 4:6). What is your communication style?

3. 17 Things That Are Better to Buy Used Instead of New by The Budget Mom. Stretching your budget to make it work sometimes means buying used instead of new. Even if you are not strapped for cash, it is wise to consider saving money by buying used. Here are 17 things you should consider buying used.

4. Coping With Economic Anxiety by Chuck Bentley. For many, this past year has been one of the most anxious when it comes to financial difficulty. How does the Bible speak to our worries, and what are some practical steps we can take to beat financial anxiety?

5. The False Gospel of Assuming the Worst of Others by Thaddeus Williams. There is a certain unity that Christians are to strive for. Yet, at times division is caused by assuming the worst of one another—a spirit of the world rather than of Christ. In conversations within the church, let us strive to love our neighbor and exemplify the unity Christ prayed for by assuming the best of our brothers and sisters.


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