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My 5 for Friday (July 3, 2020)

How can I trust God when my spouse loses their job? How do I write a great resume? And what should every high schooler know?

These answers and more are provided in this week’s My 5 for Friday.

Saving for Short Term and Long Term Goals by Michael Blue. There are long-term savings goals, like for retirement, and there are short-term savings goals, like for a car. Each is essential for future financial health. In this article, Michael Blue discusses how to biblical consider both types of savings goals.

How Can I Trust God in My Husband’s Job Loss? by Ann Swindell. Unfortunately, men and women have found themselves without work these past few months. The pandemic has taken its toll on businesses and their employees. In this article, Swindell provides some valuable advice for wives whose husband has lost his job. Remember, God is in control.

Resume Tips & Tricks: 49 Insider Secrets by Simon Fogg. Losing a job often feels like you’ve taken a punch to the gut. But here’s the deal—you cannot lay of the mat for long. You must get up and start searching for your next job. And it starts with writing a resume. In this article, Fogg provides several tip on how to craft a great resume.

PPP, the Coronavirus Relief Program for Small Business Loans, to Be Extended 5 More Weeks by Julia Glum. Are you a small business owner? If so, this news is for you. The CARES Act’s Payment Protection Program (PPP) has been extended for another five weeks. Learn more about it in this article.

14 Things Every High School Student Should Know About Money by Abby Hayes. I’m really excited about my new book, The Money Challenge for Teens. Teenagers have an incredible opportunity to get started early on the right financial track. In this article, Hayes provides some excellent advice that many wish they’d heeded earlier.


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