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My 5 for Friday (June 11, 2021)

Is it possible to be rich and miserable? How can you save one million dollars by retirement? And what are some ways to boost your home's curb appeal?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

1. 5 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal Before You Sell by Daniel Bortz. A homebuyer’s first impression can encourage or discourage purchase of the home. If you are selling your home, you want the look of the house to communicate that you have taken good care of it. (And of course, you want to have taken good care of it). Consider these affordable to your landscape, front door, windows, and other features that potential buyers first notice.

2. How to Save $1 Million by Retirement by Emily Brandon. Commitment and discipline early on in life can lead to healthy provision for you in your retirement years. What should you be committed to in order to get there? Start saving as soon as you can. Don’t miss out on employer contributions. Emily Brandon details these tips and more.

3. Rich and Miserable – How Can it Be? By Scott Sauls. It is well documented that many of the world’s richest people have experienced some of the deepest depression and loneliness known to mankind. Fortune doesn’t always lead to despair and can be a celebrated blessing and tool for the Lord. But if riches on earth are what our hearts are working and searching for, our work is misguided.

4. Is It Sinful to Pray for a Larger Income? By John Piper. Job was wealthy, and as the story goes, he lost it all. But in the end, his wealth was doubled. Is this a pattern Christians can pray for in their own lives, or should we simply accept only loss and suffering? Ultimately, we can pray to God for our needs and thank him for his gifts. But we must also ask what our heart is after.

5. Could You Use Some Joy Today? By Tim Challies. Lottery commercials promise a joy that it cannot deliver. There is joy to be had in God’s good creation, which money can at times help us to enjoy. But the greatest happiness comes from giving, not gaining. The people of Israel under the kingship of David gave abundantly and celebrated God for allowing them to do so. Consider how you can today find joy in being generous.


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