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My 5 for Friday (June 25, 2021)

How can you save some money at the grocery store? How can minister thank donors without knowing their identities? And how can you invest for the greater good?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

Thanking those who have been generous to the church with their money can be difficult when they remain anonymous. Worse, an un-thanked giver may feel unappreciated. Here are seven tips for thanking those who have been generous in secret.

Food is, on average, the third largest yearly expense for homes in the U.S. So, saving money on groceries can make a big difference over time. Avoiding impulsive purchases, planning meals based on sales, and even looking above and below eye level on the shelves are among the tips offered here.

In January this year, GameStop’s stock went on a wild ride. Their value per share went from $17 to $483 and back down to $53 in just a couple weeks. Hace Cargo describes the factors that made this fluctuation possible, and the negative affect it had on real lives, and how the church can think about such news.

4. A Life on The Frontier by Chris Thomas.

Chris Thomas shares a story of a friend he made while getting a tattoo inspired by the hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul”. Chris’ simple kindness and listening ear made way for a broken heart to hear the truth of Jesus Christ. His conversation is an example of what he calls the Christian “life on the new frontier”.

5. Inflating Generosity by Ron Frey.

For nonprofit organizations, inflation in the economy can cause concern over the generosity of donors. However, as time has shown, “giving inflation” normally follows “price inflation”. Further, God can be trusted to provide for the agendas He sets. And donors must be shown that true treasure is found in generosity rather than in an inflated bank account.


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