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My 5 for Friday (June 4, 2021)

How can someone save for retirement without being greedy? What are some biblical examples of generosity? And can I be content?

These questions and more are answered in this week's My 5 for Friday.

1. How Can I Save for Retirement Without Being Greedy or Foolish? By Luke Bolton. On one hand, building retirement savings can betray a greedy heart. But on the other, not saving for retirement can betray foolishness. How do we wisely save with a generous heart? Look closely at the Bible’s teaching on diligence, responsibility, generosity, and wisdom.

2. 10 Examples of Generosity in the Bible and How to Follow Them by Timothy L Smith. As Chief Development Officer of the Museum of the Bible in D.C., Timothy L. Smith raises funds with motivation from stories of generosity in the Bible. Here are ten of those examples for your own generosity-motivation. These stories show the Bible is not merely a book of writings from history, but also living and impactful for lives today.

3. Can I Be Content in the Life I’ve Been Given? By Scot Bellavia. What are your career aspirations? Goals and dreams are good to have, but are you content with the life God has given you? Ultimately, whether your dreams become a reality, or not, the purpose for each of our lives is to please God with our job. Whatever your aspirations are, ask for contentment and joy in your ultimate purpose.

4. Why You Might Want To Delay Child Tax Credit Money by Diccon Hyatt. You may have heard about the child tax credit the IRS will begin sending out monthly in July. While those with children can begin to receive this tax credit, it is also possible to delay receiving the credit, and get the full amount along with next year’s tax return. Diccon Hyatt surveys a few factors to help you decide.

5. What if We Take Gentleness to Work? By John Pletcher. Like sludging through a dangerous swamp, working through the pandemic has and can still be accompanied by an edge of angst, unique schedules, and other relational difficulties. Christian gentleness can be a sweet relief for pesky debates over masks and vaccinations. Christ has been gentle with us. May we give the same to coworkers and customers alike.


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